New Lab/Biotech Discount

Are you setting up a new lab - either research or biotech startup? Take advantage of our one-time 40% discount* to stock up on all of the high-quality reagents you'll need, including:
  • restriction enzymes
  • polymerases
  • ligases
  • DNA ladders
  • competent cells
  • dNTPs
  • products for your entire cloning workflow and much more

New England Biolabs offers this one-time 40% discount to Principal Investigators who are starting up a new laboratory. The New Lab Discount applies to nearly all products carrying the NEB® label (other discounts or special offers do not apply). The New Lab Discount is a one-time offer, for up to $5,000 (at discounted price) maximum order.

To be eligible for the discount, please complete the New Lab Discount form and note provisions cited at the bottom of this page*. NEB Customer Service will notify you upon approval of your online submission. If you require a Quote, please submit your list of products with Quantity, Product No, and Description via email to [email protected] and you will be provided with a Quote # (Sales order number) by NEB Customer Service. In order to receive the discount when you place your order, you must indicate that this is a "New Lab Discount” order (only include the Quote number if this was provided to you by NEB). You may place your order by phone, at 1800 934 218 or email to [email protected]. When emailing your order, it must be clearly marked either "New Lab Discount” or "New Biotech Discount”. Please note these orders cannot currently be placed on the website.

*Offer, Shipping and Excluded Products List are subject to change. The $5,000 order limit refers to the discounted price and not the original list price before the 40% discount is applied. The New Lab Discount is only available in Australia, and only one offer is available per Principal Investigator. No minimum purchase is required to be eligible for the new lab discount and no other discounts apply.